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Around 1992, Shawn Bird was working for Sierra and was asked to design a character that was "weathered but likable" for a new    screen saver to  be called Johnny Castaway.  Shawn has written to say: Johnny was created by a small group of guys headed up by Jeff Tunnell. Jeff started Dynamix and spun off a division called JTP (Jeff Tunnell Productions) and we did JC. The lead designer of the project was Chris Cole. He and Art Director Brian Hahn came up and produced all the gags for the screensaver. Animator Sherry Wheeler made much of amazing animations.  

     Title screen

             Explore some of the acitvities Johnny gets up while he is marooned on a very small desert island with one coconut palm, and he occupies his time with various activities:


                  Lighting a fire and cooking food

                  Eating coconuts

                  Diving, swimming and washing          


                   Trying to build a sand castle                                                           

                  Looking through his telescope                                                               

                  Building a raft                                                                                                                   

                   Reading a book                                                                                


                   Throwing a bottle into the sea (with an SOS message in it)                                        

                     Meeting a Mermaid                                          

And lots more....

If you see any activities not shown here, e-mail me and I'll add them to the site. Even if you only see the activities already mentioned, e-mail me anyway, I'm always pleased to hear from fellow Johnny Castaway enthusiasts! There are a few bugs in the program which may appear - check out the Bugs page to see the ones we know about.

Here is an original advert for Johnny Castaway from 1992!

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