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Fisherman Johnny

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Johnny fishing at low tide

Johnny spends a lot of time fishing - it's his main source of food (the picture shows him doing a spot of moonlight fishing at low tide).

He commonly catches:

  • An old boot

  • A crab

  • A star fish

all of which he usually throws back, but he sometimes puts the boot behind his tree.

Johnny bitten by crab

On 9 Jun 1998 Emmett Wayne of Hinesville, GA, USA reported:
When Johnny lands the crab, the crab bites Johnny on the nose, which is why he throws him back.

Less commonly

  • A lifebelt with "SS Titanic" written on it. (The picture shows the glitch that comes up above Johnny's head when he fishes from the left hand side of the island - more details on the Bugs Page.)

  • A green fish

  • A plank of wood

  • A small octopus

All of which he puts behind his tree.

Titanic lifebelt


JC towed by a shark More JC towed by a shark

He can be seen hooking a shark, as John Bennett reported on 16 Oct 1996:
I've seen something new to me, which involves JC water skiing behind a shark.
Thanks to Thecheezedevil for the lower picture, sent on 28 July 2003.

JC catching lots of fish

or catching a large octopus, as reported on 15 Oct 1996:
Johnny catches a number of fish and puts them on the ground beside him. He then catches a big octopus which chases him up his tree, takes all his fish, and dives back into the sea, leaving Johnny fuming.
Schattzz also reported seeing this on 25 Nov 1997.
The picture shows Johnny catching the octopus, Click here to see what happens next



Squirting fish

The green fish sometimes fights back, as reported on 29 Oct 1996:
Johnny catches the green fish, as he often does, but occasionally the fish sprays him with water, and he throws it back in disgust.

Ambidextrous Johnny - eagle-eyed Kit Denton spotted on 31 Jan 2001: If Johnny has two fishing rods. If he is fishing on the right side of the island he uses a right handed fishing reel. On the left he uses a left handed reel.

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