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Sleeping - Johnny has frequent snoozes, although he is sometimes tied up by pirates, while he is asleep. (Thanks to Preben Wolff, who sent the picture on 2 Oct 1997.)


Lighting a fire

Kevin Routley pointed out on 8 Feb 2000: He either lights the fire after 2 - 4 attempts at rubbing sticks, or gives up in disgust, only to have the fire 'spontaneously' light with a little poof. Once lit, he sometimes just sits in front of the fire, but usually he cooks what he has caught, often a green fish, but when he's really hungry, he also eats an old boot. When he eats the small octopus, it clings to the front of his face (like the facehugger in Alien), but he manages to get it down.

Eating an octopus

Eating coconuts from the tree

On 8 Feb 2000 Kevin Routley pointed out some variations in the coconuts when they bounce, they bounce hard and over to the right, or less hard and twice over to the left.

Kevin Klueh pointed out on 26 Sep 1997:
I think that JC must be stranded on Devil's Island. When that coconut falls off the tree and rolls around, JC's head does a complete 360. I think a priest should come along and exorcise him!

Rotating head
If he is successful in getting his coconut, he bashes it against the tree to break the shell, and then sits down and eats it.
Bashing a coconut

Building a raft

John Bennett noted on 16 Oct 1996:
Following my recent lock-up with JC, I decided to switch to another screen saver for a few minutes and then went back into JC. Oh dear! The raft is now back to its original length.
and in reply, confirmed
I find that the raft sets itself to its original length from time to time.

Building a raft

Sending an SOS in a bottle

Sometimes, Johnny writes out an SOS and puts it in a bottle, which he throws in the sea. This often washes back on his island, but it is sometimes found.

He usually has a thinks balloon with "SOS" in it, but sometimes he thinks of a pretty girl

On 23 Sep 1997 Eric Evans suggested that what actually happened is that Johnny got a note FROM the lady on land and he was reading about her.

Johnny thinking of himself

 1 Jan 1997 John Bennett reported:
When Johnny sent his SOS in the bottle, the balloon over his head had a little replica image of him standing on the island.
On 23 Sep 1997 Eric Evans said that he believes that JC is describing his situation on the note instead of just writing S.O.S.
On 17 Oct 2007 Zenith Wybourne pointed out this occurs on the second day (see The Story of Johnny).

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