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Diving Johnny - Johnny sometimes climbs up to the top of the palm tree, and then dives into the sea. (The picture shows him having a moonlight dive at low tide.)


Rarely, the dive is judged for style and technique, as

Kath Fillingham reported on 17 Oct 1996:
I have just come back from lunch to find Johnny doing some very spectacular diving from the top of his tree. Double somersaults etc. A starfish, a crab, a fish and a seagull hold up two cards each giving points for each dive.

On 26 Feb 1998 Simon Turnill wrote to say:
I thought you might be interested in a subtlety I've noticed. When JC is doing his diving display into the sea and being given points by the wildlife, the quality of the dives varies between OK and awful. The points awarded by the fish, the starfish and the seagull vary accordingly, but the crab obviously has a warped sense of style, because for the OK dives he awards minus 0.5, and for the awful bellyflops, 10!
And on 4 Mar 1998 Eric D. Torres mentioned the same thing. Thanks guys.
To see the dive, click here,

Johnny washing

Johnny embarrassed - He also sits in the sea and washes himself. He realises someone (us) is watching him, and he covers himself as best he can, and shuffles behind his tree to get dressed. Then he emerges and shakes his fist. The seagull sometimes takes his shorts - see the Seagull page.

Johnny embarrassed

Bitten by shark

Johnny attacked - On 17 Dec 1996 Lynne Neil reported:
I just saw JC looking like he was getting ready to bath, he walked to the edge of his island with a towel over his arm carrying his bath brush. He dips his toes in the water a couple of times testing the temperature when the shark jumps out of the water and bites JC. He falls back against his palm tree all bloodied up, checking to make sure he has all his limbs. Screen fades to black.

On 14 Jan 1997 John Bennett added:
Johnny jumps back and drops the towel and what looks like a fork on the sand. [The bath brush - Dave.] The shark, with a grin on its face, disappears.

And on 22 Mar 1997 Anders Sjö said:
When I saw the scene described above, JC did not get hurt at all. After he has looked at his missing leg with terror in his eyes, he stands up and realizes that he was only sitting on it. After that he looks really relieved. To see that, click here,

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