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Johnny reading

There are a number of variations of Johnny reading his book

Turning book round
  • Puzzled - The most common has him puzzling over his book, which he finds is upside down, but doesn't seem to make much sense the right way up either.

    On 22 Mar 1999 Jonathan Eldror reported:
    By the way, I noted that when JC reads, he turns the pages from left to right (his left and right of course...). Maybe he is reading a book in Hebrew or Arabic or something...

  • Seagull Thief - Sometimes a seagull swoops down and takes the book - more details are on the Seagull page.

Headache - On 22 Jul 1998 John McConnell reported:
On the reading a book section you noted he reads a book and then gets hit on the head by a coconut. I think there's more to it than that. The scene has come on my computer several times. At one point it came on the scene dragged out quite a bit. He kept on nodding off and waking up. Every time he woke up he jerked his head back. I noticed every time he did this one of the coconuts in the tree shook. I think he bumped the tree with his head by jerking it up every time he wakes up, eventually shaking the coconut loose, which falls and hit him on the head.

On 11 Nov 1998, Alisa Core guessed that Johnny must have been reading Walden Pond, to make him drop off so quickly!

Seeing stars

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