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Johnny Castaway - Rare and Unusual Happenings

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A number of very unusual happenings have been seen. These only appear occasionally, so watch out for them.


Fighting - On 18 Jan 2003, Roy Daniel of Odessa,Texas wrote to say that he has had Johnny on his computer for several years, and he's recently noticed a couple of unusual happenings:
First, Johnny was chasing down a coconut when a somewhat transparent Johnny waded ashore. They started fighting and Johnny #1 knocked the ghostly Johnny back into the water. Then an airplane entered stage right, Johnny picked up the coconut and threw it, causing the airplane to crash and the pilot to parachute into the sea. End of sequence.
The second part of this is well known, of course, but the first part is very rare. However, Halley Porkess, who's been a Johnny watcher for 6 years, saw the scene on 26 Sep 2003:
I also saw the second Johnny appear out of the sea, only to get knocked back in by the first Johnny. I actually saw the plane before the second Johnny — I didn't see the coconut until the first Johnny threw it at the plane.

Silver balls - Secondly, Roy says:
I walked into the office and saw what appeared to be two silver balls or bowls, one on each side of the palm tree, then the scene ended. I didn't get a good look before it went away.

Mike Fountain has been studying Johnny closely, and on 8 Feb 2001 he wrote to say:
First, Johnny seems to wander around his island for a while doing normal stuff, then just before the screen change he will do his special thing. (Like dress up like an Indian or get eaten by a shark.) Also, I have timed this, and it appears that he always wanders around the island for 5-6 minutes then does his special thing.

Clock in cloud
Real time - On 5 Jun 1997 "prophitt" reported
I have been watching Johnny for a couple of years now and today, when he went to get the bottle that had floated back to the island, the clock was in the thought bubble. The hands of the clock didn't spin but stayed steady at the current pc's time. It was a shocker to finally see something new.
Anyone else seen this? It said 3 o'clock the last time I saw it - the actual time was about 2:50 — Dave.

Calvin Smith saw the same scene at the beginning of August 2008, and again, although the actual time was 11:30, the clock was pointing to 3:00. You can see it for yourself in the screenshot Calvin has kindly sent,

Electrified JC

Rain dancing Johnny - Sometimes, when he's feeling particularly hot (thanks to Ezra Y. Rosensaft for pointing that out), Johnny dresses up as a witch doctor and does a rain dance. A small cloud appears and delivers one drop of rain. Thus encouraged, he dances with renewed vigour, only to be struck by lightning! As John Bennett said on 11 Oct 1996, commenting on this scene:
I think it's one of the best ones. I love the depressed look he has when things go wrong like this.

Dave Campbell kindly made the animation (left).

Sometimes, Johnny puts on his tribal gear and dances, and a couple in a boat sail up - details are on the Visitors Page.

Feeding the Fishes - On 31 Oct 1996 reported:
I've just seen a [shark] flop on to Johnny's island, swallow him, swim round, grimace, and spit him back onto the island.

Shark spitting out Johnny


Melting Johnny - On 19 Nov 1996 Ken White reported:
This is one I've seen a couple of times which I'm not sure has been described yet. Johnny gets out a yellow fan and can't cool himself down (same as like before he does his rain dance and either gets zapped by lightning or photgraphed by the passing boat etc.), however this time his knees eventually become really wobbly and he completely melts into a big blob. The scene then ends.
As you can see from the picture, sometimes Johnny melts in the moonlight!
To see what happens next, click here .

Day Dreaming - On 16 Apr 1997 Martin Vogel wrote:
After the clock appeared in the middle of the screen I saw an office with Johnny sitting in it (at least I think it was Johnny). He was dreaming of being on his island and meeting the mermaid. The scene ended with a black screen.
Although we have details of this on the Mermaid page, I think we ought to have it here as well, together with the screenshot that Martin sent. To see a bigger version of that, click here.

Daydreaming JC back in his office

Eric Evans suggested explanation for this and the next scene, sent in on 23 Sep 1997, is:
after JC gets back to land, he realizes how much he hates his job and starts dreaming about his island (office scene). He then decides he no longer likes the way life is in the real world and decides to live back on the island (JC is the guy jumping from the airplane).

Home Again? - On 21 Oct 1996 Kath Fillingham reported:
( Very Sad ) The clock appears in the middle of the screen followed by a very small screen in the centre of the screen. It seems to be all in silhouette. A plane flies over and a man jumps out and floats down to the island by parachute. He lands safely on the island and jumps up and down for joy. Then the words appear on the small sceen


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