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Unseen speedboat
Unseen plane

While Johnny is looking through his telescope, a number of things can happen behind his back. A speedboat, containing a woman and a dog pass by or a bi-plane flies past

A helicopter flies past, although on 28 Dec 1998 Teppo Vuori suggested that it is an autogiro, not a helicopter. Any aeronautical experts care to comment?

Unseen helicopter

Johnny also sees some of his visitors:

Party on boat

Partying Johnny - John Bennett reported on 9 Oct 1996:
I've seen the boat arrive where they're having a party and take Johnny on board, and then bring him back later, rather the worst for wear.. He swims back to his island and the boat leaves, just as Johnny realises what he's done. I've seen this a couple of times, so I guess it isn't too rare.
And on 23 Jan 1997 D Ware reported:
A girl in a bikini is water skiing behind a speedboat. She comes by the island and knocks Johnny over and then speeds away as the screen goes to black.
which sounds like the start of the same scene.

Nude Johnny - Kath Fillingham saw on 9 Oct 1996:
A boat arrived with a couple on board. Johnny begs them to take him off the island and then strips all his clothes off to persuade the young lady . Her fellow covers up her eyes and then speeds away leaving poor Johnny behind.

On 21 Oct 1996 Jamie McGourlay added:
J [is] dressed up in his "Tribal gear", (mask and grass skirt) and dancing round the island. A yacht pulls up with a man and woman on it and they start taking photographs. Johnny's response to this is to rip his clothes off and start waving them around. Suitably disgusted couple on the yacht then decide it's time to leave.

On 23 Apr 1998 "Gux Delux" suggested:
Johnny is doing his rain dance when the couple in the boat pull up. Thinking he is a native, they start taking pictures. Johnny sees them and starts begging them to take him. Finally, he realizes he is still wearing his tribal gear and they do not realize he is a castaway. To show them he is not a native, he takes off his clothes which then angers the man and they speed off.

Nude Johnny #2

Plane hit

Terminator Johnny - On 21 Oct 1996 Kath Fillingham reported:
A low flying plane comes over the island - Johnny gets very excited because this time he actually spots it. He throws a coconut at it to attract the pilot's attention. Unfortunately he hits the plane and it crashes into the sea.

On 7 Dec 1996 Marc Arseneault added:
It turns out that because of the speed of the sequence, we all missed that a man, (I assume it's the pilot), has parachuted out of the plane while we watch the big splash made by the crashing plane.

On 10 Oct 1997 Chris Ashman from Goshen, New York, pointed out JC jumped up and down two or three times and shouted "help" after he spotted the plane but before he shook the tree.
Click here to see a bigger version of the crash.

Plane crash


Vandal Johnny - Graham Bagshaw reported on 21 Oct 1996:
Kath's message (Terminator Johnny, above) reminds me of it - it's the same as the plane but in this case involves a boat/ship - JC tries to attract the crew's attention, fails, shakes a coconut off the tree, throws it at the ship and sinks it.
I've never seen Johnny sink a ship with a coconut - has anyone else? --Dave


Big Ship - On 16 Nov 1996 reported:
JC spots a ship in the distance, and he jumps up and down to attract its attention. It disappears off the screen, and then Johnny runs for his life as the ship, now revealed as being enormous, almost cuts his island in half.

Big Ship

Mermaid - Johnny also has visits from a mermaid - see the Mermaid Page for all the details.

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