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Johnny celebrates a number of special days

Happy New Year

New Year - On 21 Nov 1996 Marc Arseneault reported:

On January 1, Johnny decorates his palm tree with a big "Happy New-Year" banner. Since we already know about Christmas and Halloween, I wonder how many other special days to look forward to.

The banner appears from 29 December to 1 January.
Click here to see the complete scene.


St Patrick's Day - On 9 Feb 1997 Aaron Boykin reported: [On] Mar 17 (St. Patrick's Day), when Johnny came on, the island was covered with 4-leaf clovers. (I assume they're supposed to be shamrocks - Dave.)
They appear between 15 and 17 March.

Halloween - From 29 - 31 October, a large pumpkin, cut into a Halloween-type lantern, appears at the front of the island.


Christmas tree

Christmas - On 17 Nov 1996 Marc Arseneault wrote:
Here is a screenshot taken on December 25. Notice the Christmas tree (similar to the pumpkin at Halloween).
On 29 Dec 1997 Jean-Michel Sauvage wrote from Cannes:
Last week, Xmas tree was on the island. As it sometimes happen, JC fishes the huge octopussy, which, as usual, scares him, but this time the octopussy takes some Xmas balls from the tree before going back into the water.

The tree appears from 23 - 25 December.



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