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Johnny and the Pirates

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Pirate ship

Johnny is sometimes visited by Lilliputian pirates

Attacked by bi-planes

King Kong — When Johnny builds his sand castle, a pirate galleon drops anchor, and a number of the tiny pirates row over to his island and take command of the castle. They run up a flag and start firing at Johnny, who takes refuge at the top of his palm tree. Then a number of small biplanes take off from outside the castle and start buzzing him. He stands on top of the tree trying to fend them off, looking like King Kong on top of the Empire State Building in the 1933 film. Finally he falls in the water.
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Johnny tied up

Gulliver — While he is asleep, a gang of pirates arrive and tie him up, just like the classic Gulliver's Travels scene. They sail away, and the seagull comes along, and builds its nest on Johnny's chest, lays an egg, and flies away.
On 1 Oct 1997 KirbsEEPE reported that when he saw this scene, the seagull didn't appear.
On 9 Jun 1998 Emmett Wayne noted:

1. When Johnny lies down to sleep at any other time, he immediately starts snoring (Z Z Z Z Z Z). Not in the pirate scene. That caught my eye this morning. He lies down, but no snoring. Then, along come the pirates.
2. This scene occurred during the nighttime, which may explain why [the] bird didn't show up at the end of the sequence. The bird must be sleeping at night.

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[There is a bug at the end of this scene — see the Bugs page

Johnny with seagull on chest

* Trent wrote on 31 July 1999 suggesting that the little figures aren't pirates at all, but members of the Lilliputian Navy — I think he's probably correct!

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