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Sometimes, Johnny manges to leave the island and meet a "friend"

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Suzy, a matronly lady wearing a bikini, is sunbathing in a seaside resort when Johnny's message in a bottle come floating by. She reads his message and thinks of a volcano, and then imagines him as a hunk, sweeping her off her feet (she is decidedly slimmer and younger in her imagination).
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Larry Leach has been looking at the program files, and has discovered that the lady's name is Suzy City Dweller, or just Suzy for short.


On 15 Dec 1997 Schattzz reported see the following (twice):
Johnny stands on the island and starts dreaming. He dreams of the woman in the pink bikini and himself (just the two of them standing there together) when he looks at his watch (!) and the famous clock appears in his dream bubble [and] he once again writes one of his S.O.S. messages.

What happens here is that Johnny finds a message from Suzy in the bottle, and imagines what she looks like.

Johnny thinking


John Bennett reported on 18 Sep 1996:
Mike and I noticed the other day that JC had decided to leave the island and had his paddle in one hand and sack in the other. The mermaid and the dolphin turned up and then he cleared off, as I recall. Then everything went back to normal and he re-appeared on the island making his fire etc, etc.
And on 19 Sep 1996, Kath Fillingham reported that:
Johnny has just got on his raft and paddled away.

NB: We've decided that the dolphin is a shark (presumably the one which took him water skiing). For other mermaid scenes, see
the Mermaid page.

Johnny finally meets Suzy, as reported on 1 Nov 1996:
[A] matronly woman [is] lying in the sun near the sea, with skyscrapers in the background, when Johnny comes floating past on his raft. She grabs and snogs him.
On 2 Nov 1996 Graham Bagshaw said:
Coincidentally (?) I saw the same or similar yesterday. But it seemed to be a bit more than snogging......
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And on 22 Nov 1996, reported:
Seen JC grabbed by ear by the matronly lady again. It starts in the same way as Snogging Johnny, with JC paddling into a resort, and the woman grabs him and starts snogging, but this time she finds a piece of chewing gum in her cleavage afterwards. This annoys her, and she tells JC off and grabs his ear.

JC's ear pulled

Graham Bagshaw on 9 Oct 1996 reported:
I did see a strange one briefly at one stage - out of the corner of my eye so I'm not really sure - he was in a room with a woman and appeared to be doing something a bit naughty with her! Let me know if you see this (perhaps I was dreaming).
But on 20 Oct 1996, John Bennett said
Mike confirms that he's also seen naughty things between JC and a woman, so Graham wasn't hallucinating on 9 October (for a change).
This is almost certainly the "Ear Pulled" scene described above. Graham probably thought it was happening in a room because the picture size for the scenes with Suzy is smaller than usual.

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