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Johnny Castaway and the Seagull

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Johnny has a number of run-ins with a seagull - he usually comes off worse.

Seagull with book

Book Thief - On 11 Nov 1996 John Bennett reported:
I saw the seagull take Johnny's book to the top of the palm tree and then begin to read it by turning the pages over with its beak.


Head-sitter - On 25 Oct 1996, reported:
Johnny is sitting under his tree, reading his book. The seagull comes along, grabs his book, and sits on top of his head. In order to dislodge it, JC picks up a club and manages to hit himself on the head, raising an enormous bump, with the seagull hovering above it. The bump subsides and the seagull stays - the screen then blanks out.

Bump on JC's head

Stealing shorts #2

Clothes Thief - While Johnny is washing himself in the sea, sometimes the seagull swoops down and steals his shorts.

Stealing shorts #1

Nest in a Hat - On 10 Feb 1997 Andy Forkgen reported:
The seagull lands on his head, steals his hat, takes it to the top of the tree and builds a nest in it.


Nest on a Chest - The Pirates page has details of the seagull building its nest on Johnny's chest after the pirates have tied him up.

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