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Some people are puzzled as to how to go about downloading and installing Johnny Castaway, so here are a few pointers which may help you on your way.

Running Johnny under Windows XP

Thomas Wayne has written to say: I would recommend if anyone is having problems getting Johnny to work then simply a the freeware programs to manage the screeensaver(no nags/spyware or problems) SaverNow or ScreenSaver Druid

Thomas has found that with XP with Service Pack 3, you can run the standard Johnny Castaway setup, but then copy scrantic.ini and scrantic.scr from C:\windows into C:\windows\system32 and Scrantics should appear in your list of available screensavers. Note that scrantic.ini must be in both C:\windows and C:\windows\system32

However, if you want to stick with the original version and you're having trouble, several people have come up with solutions:

Method 1

Jacob Cordingley has come up with a “Fast Fix” for XP. He says Johnny will run as a screen saver if you rename scrantic.scr to ssScrantic.scr or ssJohnny_castaway.scr. In other words, just add ss in front of the name - the file will be in the Windows folder on your C: drive.

H Graf from Germany confirms that this method works, and I do too!

Method 2

David G Cooper has found another (cheaper) program that will do the same thing. He writes: [You can use an] older theme manager, similar to Microsoft Plus, called Desktop Themes from Left Side Software.

Q: I continue to get the 103 error even though I've added the set temp command.

A: (from Jack Smith): Experimentation wins. I succeeded by moving johncast.exe into the temp directory before running [on a Windows 95 system]. Same thing on a 3.1 machine as well, although others with similar configs had no problem.


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